Academic Excellence Program

Academic Excellence Chair 

Joyce Adebonojo‚Äč

Academic Excellence (AEx) is more than a GPA, it is an attitude. The goal of the AEx program is to produce self sufficient, resilient and efficient engineers by providing relevant events and resources to our membership. Some examples of NSBE AEx programs are regular study halls, various skill workshops, and an academic mentoring program. In addition to those programs the AEx committee works to better connect students to resources found at Purdue and online. Proof of the AEx program’s sucess is not only visible in our members academic performance, but also in the culture of determination and integrity NSBE members demonstrate everyday.

Grand Prix

Competitions Chair Austin Ford

The Purdue Grand Prix is an annual go kart race held at the Purdue race track. It is one of Purdue's oldest traditions. While the primary focus of the event is to raise money for scholarships, it allows engineering students to gain hands on technical experience. The race is open to all students. 


NSBE has recently revitalized our involvement in the race in 2017. Since then, the organization has better prepared for the race and also participated in a fall race series prior to the Purdue Grand Prix. The NSBE Grand Prix team is always looking for new members and involvement from corporate entities.

Pre-Collegiate Initiative Program

Pre-Collegiate Initiative Chair

Dare Adebonojo

“To increase the number of culturally responsible black engineers…” begins with the youth and the quality of their STEM programming. The pre-collegiate initiative (PCI) is a NSBE program aimed at increasing the number of students into the NSBE pipeline through hands-on outreach STEM activities. Some specific examples of NSBE PCI programs include Celebrations of African Americans in STEM, a Black History Month event that educated local minority youth about the contributions made by African Americans in the scientific community. Academic resources include tutoring and mentoring at local high schools from collegiate engineers, and the development of a NSBE Jr. chapter that allows pre-collegiate students to become recognized NSBE members and to reap member benefits. The impact made by the PCI program is prevalent in the increase of attendance at events (from PCI students and collegiate volunteers) and the joyful faces left on the students faces at the conclusion of each event.

Mentorship Program

Vice President

Christina Core

Our Mentorship program is a is designed to establish a system of peer accountability and trust.  The mentorship program helps retain minority students within STEM fields at Purdue by allowing students to develop relationships within their major.  Mentors act as an advisor academically, professionally, and socially. The mentors and mentees of our program keep in close contact with each other and help each other with any questions or issues they might have in either their academic, professional, or social lives.  Our program holds six events throughout the 2018-19 academic school year; two academically focused, two professionally focused, and two social events. These events are open up to all of our NSBE general body, however members of our mentorship program get discounts and have special preference if space is limited for events.  Our planned events allow scheduled time for our mentors and mentees to get closer to one another and become more comfortable with each other as friends. An end goal we hope to see from this program are to have every mentee in the First-Year Engineering program to be admitted into their first choice major. We also assist mentees to have updated resumes, a completed plan of study for their major, and to make friends and have fun in college.

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