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Competitions Program 

Grand Prix

The Purdue Grand Prix is an annual go kart race held at the Purdue race track. It is one of Purdue's oldest traditions. While the primary focus of the event is to raise money for scholarships, Grand Prix also allows engineering students to gain hands-on technical experience. The race is open to all students and usually runs during the Spring, with a large turnout of spectators each year. 


NSBE has recently revitalized our involvement in the race in 2017. In April 2019, NSBE took 16th place at Grand Prix after being revived as a Grand Prix team two years prior. Since then, the organization has better prepared for the race and also participated in a fall race series prior to the Purdue Grand Prix. The NSBE Grand Prix team is always looking for new members and involvement from corporate entities looking to help support the team!

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