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Conferences are a great opportunity for NSBE members to connect with companies and recruiters, attend skill sessions and professional workshops and expand their network with NSBE members from other universities and regions. Purdue NSBE normally attends two conferences each year, Fall Regional Conference (FRC) and NSBE’s Annual National Convention. 


FRC is a weekend long conference hosted by Region IV NSBE and is typically held during the fall semester at an announced location. Only NSBE chapters that are part of Region IV attend FRC held by Region IV NSBE. National Convention is a week-long conference that brings together NSBE members from all six regions and all over the world. National Convention is normally held during the spring semester at an announced location in the United States.

Fall Regional Conference

The 2023 Fall Regional Conference will be held in Chicago, IL from November 18th - 22nd. More details to come soon.

National Convention

NSBE’s 50th Annual National Convention will be held in Atlanta, GA from March 20nd - 24th. More details to come soon.

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