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Past Events

2021 - 2022 Events

NSBE Callout Meeting

NSBE B-Involved Fair

2020 - 2021 Events

NSBE Senior Send-Off

General Body Meeting #7

NSBE Craft Night

Avery Dennison Virtual Info Session

NSBE Freshmen Bowling Night

NSBE Social Hour #5

Virtual Game Tournament

Medline Virtual Info Session

Freshmen General Body Meeting

General Body Meeting #5

My Brother's/Sister's Keeper Workshops

NSBE Social Hour #3

Senior Send-Off

L3Harris Virtual Info Session

L3Harris Virtual Info Session

NSBE Financial Literacy Workshop

NSBE Social Hour #2

Epsilon Virtual Info Session

Goldman Sachs Virtual Info Session

NSBE Social Hour #1

Microsoft Virtual Info Session

ECOLAB Virtual Info Session

NSBE Bag Talk

NSBE & Honda Virtual Workshop

NSBE B-Involved Fair

SEL Virtual Info Session

NSBE Social Hour #6

2021-2022 NSBE E-Board Elections

CNH Virtual Interview Prep

General Body Meeting #6

Bloomberg Virtual Info Session

Black & Veatch Virtual Info Session

Black Trailblazers In Engineering

Black History Month Event

NSBE Social Hour #4

General Body Meeting #4

Freshmen E-board Elections

NSBE Game Night

NSBE Mental Health Workshop

Eli Lilly Virtual Info Session

General Body Meeting #3

NSBE Fright Night Film

PCC Virtual Info Session

General Body Meeting #2

Goodyear Virtual Info Session

Cummins Virtual Info Session

Day With Industry

Pepsico Virtual Info Session

General Body Meeting #1

Region IV Leadership Conference

2019 - 2020 Events

NSBE Election Speeches

Lunch & Learn with Goldman Sachs

Evening with Engineers

NSBE & Burns McDonnell GBM #8

NSBE Grad Write Nights

S'mores & Chill Night

Financial Literacy Workshop

Make A Difference Day

NSBE & Cummins GBM #4

FRC Info Session

NSBE Grand Prix Callout

NSBE Speed Dating Event

NSBE Guys & Girls Night

Freshman Council Elections

Ford Day: Lunch & Learn

NSBE & Microsoft Presentation

NSBE & Black Professors GBM #10

General Body Meeting #9

NSBE Mentorship Movie Night

Freshman Council Game Night

General Body Meeting #7

General Body Meeting #6

NSBE & Mental Health GBM #5

Freshman Council Meeting

Google Info Session 

NSBE & Walsh GBM #3

NSBE & Voter Registration Events

General Body Meeting #2


STEM Diversity Mixer

NSBE Callout Meeting

MTA & NSBE Barbecue

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