Past Events

2020 - 2021 Events

General Body Meeting #5

My Brother's/Sister's Keeper Workshops

NSBE Social Hour

Senior Send-Off

L3Harris Virtual Info Session

L3Harris Virtual Info Session

NSBE Financial Literacy Workshop

NSBE Social Hour

Epsilon Virtual Info Session

Goldman Sachs Virtual Info Session

NSBE Social Hour

Microsoft Virtual Info Session

ECOLAB Virtual Info Session

NSBE Bag Talk

NSBE & Honda Virtual Workshop

NSBE B-Involved Fair

NSBE Social Hour

General Body Meeting #4

Freshmen E-board Elections

NSBE Game Night

NSBE Mental Health Workshop

Eli Lilly Virtual Info Session

General Body Meeting #3

NSBE Fright Night Film

PCC Virtual Info Session

General Body Meeting #2

Goodyear Virtual Info Session

Cummins Virtual Info Session

Day With Industry

Pepsico Virtual Info Session

General Body Meeting #1

Region IV Leadership Conference

2019 - 2020 Events

NSBE Election Speeches

Lunch & Learn with Goldman Sachs

Evening with Engineers

NSBE & Burns McDonnell GBM #8

NSBE Grad Write Nights

S'mores & Chill Night

Financial Literacy Workshop

Make A Difference Day

NSBE & Cummins GBM #4

FRC Info Session

NSBE Grand Prix Callout

NSBE Speed Dating Event

NSBE Guys & Girls Night

Freshman Council Elections

Ford Day: Lunch & Learn

NSBE & Microsoft Presentation

NSBE & Black Professors GBM #10

General Body Meeting #9

NSBE Mentorship Movie Night

Freshman Council Game Night

General Body Meeting #7

General Body Meeting #6

NSBE & Mental Health GBM #5

Freshman Council Meeting

Google Info Session 

NSBE & Walsh GBM #3

NSBE & Voter Registration Events

General Body Meeting #2


STEM Diversity Mixer

NSBE Callout Meeting

MTA & NSBE Barbecue