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NSBE Alumni

Purdue NSBE is proud of its graduates and alumni, as they move on to pursue their personal and professional endeavours beyond Purdue. We know that you will make our organization proud and we wish you the absolute best in the future!


If you are a graduate or an alumni and were part of Purdue NSBE during your time here at Purdue, we want to continue to connect with you! We are currently working on developing an Alumni Outreach Program for our wonderful alumni!

Fill out this form so that we can keep your information in our alumni database. You can also contact our Assistant Treasurer here to learn more about our Alumni Outreach Program. More information about the program will be posted at a later date.


We will also be providing more information as to how our alumni can give back to Purdue NSBE. For now, please direct all inquiries to our Assistant Treasurer.

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