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Mentorship Program

Our Mentorship program is designed to help establish a system of peer accountability and trust. The mentorship program helps retain minority students within STEM fields at Purdue by allowing students to develop relationships within their major. Mentors act as an advisor academically, professionally, and socially. The mentors and mentees of our program keep in close contact with each other and help each other with any questions or issues they might have in either their academic, professional, or social lives.  


Our program holds six events throughout the 2023-2024 academic school year; two academically focused, two professionally focused, and two social events. These events are open up to all of our NSBE general body, however members of our mentorship program get discounts and have special preference if space is limited for events.  Our planned events allow scheduled time for our mentors and mentees to get closer to one another and become more comfortable with each other as friends. An end goal we hope to see from this program are to have every mentee in the First-Year Engineering program to be admitted into their first choice major. We also assist mentees to have updated resumes, a completed plan of study for their major, and to make friends and have fun in college.

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