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NSBE4Change is a new committee introduced in Summer 2020. The committee was formed with the vision of seeing actionable changes at Purdue University, specifically within the College of Engineering, to ensure that black/minority engineering students receive the respect they deserve and support against any types of microaggressions, bigotry, and discrimination that they face while at Purdue University. The committee is working directly with the schools of engineering to guarantee that the demands they make are made within the 2020-2021 academic year and remain long term. 

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So far, the NSBE4Change committee has drafted and sent a “Call to Action” to the Undergraduate Advisory Council that highlights the initial changes that NSBE would like to see from the College of Engineering. The committee is also planning to present at the Engineering Leadership Retreat which will take place July 23, 2020.

Click here to review the Call to Action and here to review their presentation.

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