Industrial Mentorship Program

The Industrial Mentorship program is a new program introduced by Purdue NSBE. As part of NSBE’s mission to help our members “succeed professionally”, our Industrial Mentorship Program aims at providing the opportunity for members to be paired with an industry mentor who shares similar career interests and aspirations. Last year, the program had 50+ members participate, with 70+ mentors from 50+ different companies reaching out to potentially help mentor NSBE members. Members will be able to connect with their industry mentors to learn the day-to-day work life of an engineer within their desired field or company. Additionally, industry mentors help members learn a variety of skills needed for a successful career such as networking, leadership, stress-management, and work-life balance just to name a few. 

Our Corporate Relations Chair is currently working on restructuring the Industrial Mentorship Program for the 2020-2021 school year. NSBE members and those interested in participating as an industrial mentor will be able to sign up for the program at a later date. Once the Industrial Mentorship Program is finalized, more information on how to sign up will be posted here!

You can read more about how the Industrial Mentorship Program was administered last year here.

2019-2020 Company Representation

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