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Purdue BSU Walkathon

These two events are to bring awareness that diabetes can happen at every age and in people of every race, shape, and size

1st - A presentation on Diabetes, November 8th, 6PM-7PM, at Krach 230, as well as t-shirt distribution to those that have registered

2nd - November 12th, 8AM-10AM, gathering/meeting outside in the Corec parking lot for the Walkathon. The walkathon is a total of 3 miles and it is up to the person(s)/group(s) how far/fast they are willing/wanting to go. There is a registration fee of each participant of $10. There will be an option to purchase t-shirts for this event! The t-shirt without participation in the diabetes walkathon is priced at $15 and with participation in the walkathon the t-shirt is $20. as mentioned half of the fee is donated to the African American Diabetes Association and BSU.


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