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Message From Our President

Hello everyone, my name is Christina Core, and I am the President of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) Chapter at Purdue University, also known as the Mother Chapter. 


Given the impact of the pandemic and the current social environment, I established the C.O.R.E. directives, which stand for Community, Opportunity, Relations, and the Executive Board. My primary focus this upcoming school year is to create a greater sense of community within the organization because I want members to feel like they are at their home away from home. I want members to know that they can reach out to anyone on the executive board or in general for any kind of help or support. As Black Engineering Students, we are a tiny group, which means that we need to be there for each other in every way we can. 


When it comes to opportunities, my goal is to expand our member’s access to various resources both on and off-campus. I want NSBE to be an organization that people can rely on for academic help, volunteer opportunities, mentoring, company contacts, and networking. Through all of our social media pathways, members can stay up-to-date on events and resources that can help them through their academic and professional careers. 


I want to improve our relations strategy with faculty, staff, and alumni to make an impact and change for our members. There is a bit of a disconnect between Black Engineering Faculty and students, and I want to work on bridging the gap between them by allowing members the ability to utilize them for research opportunities or mentoring. Students respond better when they can go into a classroom and see a professor who looks like and relates to them. I believe that by opening up the door to improve interactions between students, faculty, and staff that they will be more comfortable and open to express themselves. As far as alumni, after people graduate, they don’t keep those long lasting connections with NSBE members, and I want to change that. I want alumni to be mentors and a resource for our members. 


Lastly, I intend to reform the executive board to work more efficiently and cohesively together. I have held an officer position on the NSBE board since freshman year, which has given me insight and experience to see what aspects work best for a useful board. Communication and accountability are the most important things to run a successful board, and I plan to leverage both to help the executive board be the best that it can be. 


I am holding the President position at an exciting time, but I hope to make the most of the opportunity. I intend to support and maintain the NSBE Mission Statement with everything I implement for the upcoming school year. 


Christina Core

2020-2021 President

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