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By joining NSBE, you will become a member of the most dynamic group of students, professionals, advisors, and friends who are working toward eliminating disparities in education and achievement in engineering. Becoming a member is the easiest way to join our efforts in fulfilling the mission. Regardless of where you might fit on the engineering life cycle, NSBE has a place for you. We offer professional development, resume building, scholarships, presentations from various companies, and community services oppurtunities. 

Steps to Membership

If your are interested in becoming a member, check our calendar to attend one of our biweekly meetings. These meetings are held every other Monday from 6:30 pm - 8pm in ME 1130. Our chapter dues are $15 a year. After  Monday, September 10th, 2018, the chapter dues will increase to $20. To become a national member of NSBE, follow the steps in the guide below. To be added to our mailing list email our membership chair at

How-To Guide:

Constitution & By-Laws

The link below contains the constitution & by-laws for our chapter. If there are any amendments that you would like to be made, email the parliamentarian at

Constitution & By-Laws:

General Body Meeting Notes

If you've missed a general body meeting or you'd like a recap of what we did for each meeting, check out the link below! It contains the presentation slides from each meeting, notes of what happened, and fliers for upcoming events.

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